James Holden – Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities
Bookings: Naomi @ Earth Agency.
Management: talk to Border Community.
Publishing: Warp.
UK Press: Dog Day.
UK Radio: Ghost.
radio Live session on BBC 6 music
James Holden by Laura Lewis 2023 1
19 Nov Petit Bain, Paris, France
11 Nov Le Guess Who?, Utrecht, Holland
10 Nov MIRA Festival, Barcelona, Spain
03 Oct Komedia, Brighton, UK with + Matths
30 Sep Yes (The Pink Room), Manchester, UK with + XAM Duo
radio Interview on Line Noise Podcast
radio James chats with Andy on Clyde Built Radio
radioJames takes over the bandcamp weekly podcast
radioJames Holden joins Tom Ravenscroft live in the BBC 6 Music studio with a thirty minute mix for The Ravers Hour
radioJames Holden rummages through John Peel’s records with Tom Ravenscroft for the Peel Acres podcast
Xam Duo – Cold Stones (James Holden Remix)
build_circleMy portable music computer design
radioHere is all the music I've bought on bandcamp recently.
Mario Batkovic & James Holden – Chorea Duplex
GoGo Penguin – Totem (James Holden Remix)
radioTalking to Sarathy Korwar on the BBC World Service’s Music Life show
radioLong retrospective chat with Andy Thompson on Rinse FM
James Holden, Marcus Hamblett, Mark Holub – BBC Sessions: Live at Maida Vale
Holden & Zimpel – Long Weekend EP
Marcus Hamblett – Detritus
build_circleRealtime Self-tuning Midi to CV (max/msp/gen code)
build_circle3D-printed eurorack / synth knob designs
Lost Souls Of Saturn – The Awakening (James Holden’s Past Life Rave Regression)
radioTalking to Kate Hutchinson about Gnawa music on Worldwide FM
James Holden – A Cambodian Spring OST
James Holden & Maalem Houssam Guinia by David Edmondson
James Holden + Maalem Houssam Guinia – Three Live Takes
radioNTS December 2017
James Holden & The Animal Spirits – The Animal Spirits
James Holden by Laura Lewis 6
James Holden by Laura Lewis 5
James_Holden_by_Laura_Lewis 2
James Holden by Laura Lewis 1
pianoThe Animal Spirits Live @ Le Guess Who 2017
pianoJames Holden & Camilo Tirado NTS Live at Church Of Sound VIDEO AUDIO
radioPlayground mix for Studio Brussels
radioNTS May 2016 (with Luke Abbott & Camilo Tirado)
James Holden & Camilo Tirado / Luke Abbott – Outdoor Museum Of Fractals / 555Hz
James Holden & Camilo Tirado by Camille Blake 2
radioNTS Jan 2015 #1
build_circleBuild Your Own Mechanical Patch Switch
Maalem Mahmoud Guinia, Floating Points, James Holden – Marhaba
build_circleGroup Humaniser max-for-live plugin
radioNTS Jan 2015 #4
radioNTS Jan 2015 #3
radioNTS Jan 2015 #2
radioSonic City 2014 Mixtape for Texture
Caribou Vibration Ensemble – CVE Live 2011
radioSynth & Drum Mixtape for Dazed
Holden – Circle Of Fifths
Holden – The Inheritors
radioRA Podcast #367
Holden – Renata Remixes
Kate Wax – The Holden Edits
James Holden – Triangle Folds
DJ Kicks
Caribou – Bowls (Holden Remix)
albumMogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud (Holden Remix)
albumRadiohead – Reckoner (Holden Remix)
albumMercury Rev – Senses On Fire (Holden Remix)
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid – The Sun Never Sets (Holden Remix)
The Idiots Are Winning
albumMadonna – Get Together (Holden Remix)
Depeche Mode – The Darkest Star (Holden Remix)
At The Controls
Andre Kraml – Safari (James Holden Remix)
albumBritney Spears – Breathe On Me (Holden Remix)
Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)
albumSystem 7 – Planet 7 (Holden Remix)
A Break In The Clouds